Singapore Polytechnic: Digital Video Wall and Signage Installation

Singapore Polytechnic required a custom 2x2 video wall and a digital signage for internal office purposes.

DDS team designed a customized curve bracket to mount the [projectors] on a curved wall for delivering information across the school in a fun and professional way. Separately, DDS team also developed a digital signage for their general office for internal office matters use only. This signage will share information of the internal office.

SIM: Digital Video Wall and Signage Installation

SIM required a custom 6x3 video wall and another 3x3 video wall with maintenance package, along with digital signage in the lifts showing the class schedule.

DDS team designed the two customized brackets to mount the [projectors] on the high walls for promoting all matters for the school. DDS also helped to develop the program for the digital signage in the lifts with their management office system that empower collaboration within the school for information sharing.

Borneo Motors: Digital Signage Installation

Borneo Motors required custom digital signage installation and audio video projector with unified communications system to create awareness for their customers in their showroom and services centre.

DDS team helped Borneo Motors innovate solutions combining the projectors and monitor systems. With the audio video integrated systems, it allows Borneo Motors to control the unified communication with ease.

Housing & Development Board: Digital Signage Installation

Housing & Development Board required custom interactive touch screen information board for walk in customers.

DDS team designed the customized interactive touch screen kiosk with the board blueprint for future developments as well as information relating to the application and matters. This not only saves time and costs, it also ease the long queue that hog the walkway.

Marina Bay Link Mall: Digital Signage Installation

Marina Bay Link Mall required a custom interactive touch screen way finder signage system for their mall.

DDS team designed and wrote a customized program with Four Winds Interactive system and built the system in the mall’s big wall to improve customer information sharing. The system is linked to the individual interactive information signage across the mall for customer self help way finding, with an automated daily schedule shut down.